The Top 5 Assists Of John Wall’s Career

09.06.13 4 years ago
John Wall

John Wall (photo. Instagram/john_wall)

The future of the Washington Bullets Wizards rests in the hands of John Wall. The young point guard signed a max-level extension this offseason before he begins his fourth year in the league. Today, he turns 23 years old, and we’re celebrating by providing you the top 5 assists of his still-young career.

We could have brought you his best dunks, or his most acrobatic finishes at the rim (there are a lot of them), but instead we have chosen to honor Wall’s 23rd birthday by bringing you a basketball trait that’s often left unexplored: passing. Though Wall’s progression in the latter portion of last season stemmed primarily from his ability to knock down a jumper, his passing could be what eventually sets him apart from the abundance of young NBA point guards.

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5. Back-door pass from mid-court.

This was Wall’s rookie year in Washington, and while it was a rather unremarkable campaign for the NBA’s No. 1 overall draft pick, he showed enough flashes of speed with the ball that it was impossible not to see a bright future. His passing hadn’t really developed to where it is now — despite averaging 8.3 assists, which is the highest of his three-year career — but that didn’t mean he wasn’t sharing the ball. In fact, you could make the case this was his best passing season since his jumper was so dreadful and so were the Wiz. But this mid-court bounce pass was Magic-esque in its audacity and end result.

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