The Top 8 Times Vince Carter Has Dunked On A Famous Georgetown Center

05.29.13 4 years ago 2 Comments
Vince Carter

Vince Carter (Photo. Jonathan Mannion)

It’s a monthly ritual. At some point, I’ll be on YouTube looking up old J-Will clips or replaying some sick Game Of Thrones scene and I’ll be recommended — you know… the list on the right side — to watch the top 100 Vince Carter dunk tape. Then for the next 10 minutes, you can’t talk to me. You can’t get my attention. You can’t get me to lift my eyes.

It happened again recently, and an idea sprouted from it: how many times has VC dunked on a famous Georgetown center? It has to be more than a few times, right? So I looked it up, dug through as many YouTube videos as I could find, and came up with this list.

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8. 2005-06 – VINCE CARTER Tells ALONZO To Take A Seat
Remember when Vince Carter was traded midseason from Toronto to New Jersey and all of a sudden, he had his hops back? He was dunking everything, spiking alley-oops from Jason Kidd on the break, upping his numbers from 16/3/3 on 41 percent shooting to 28/6/5 on 48 percent shooting almost overnight, and flowing from behind the arc? That rebirth went on for a few years and Alonzo Mourning got caught on the wrong end of a bunch of VC highlights. Here’s one in the season after the deal that ended with the Hoya on his ass.

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