The Wizards Could Win The Championship This Year

09.17.09 8 years ago 65 Comments

Gilbert Arenas

Before you skip the article and head directly to the comments to destroy me, just hear me out. And for fans of the Celtics, Cavs and Magic, it’s not that you don’t think it’s possible, but rather that the thought of the Wizards beating you in the second round of the playoffs makes you sick. But the more and more I think about it, the more and more I convince myself that the Wizards could win the championship this year.

While a lot of teams have pieces to the puzzle and some key players coming off the bench, I truly believe that there are few teams as deep as the Wizards at every position. Check it out:

PG – Gilbert Arenas, Randy Foye, Javaris Crittenton
SG – DeShawn Stevenson, Nick Young
SF – Caron Butler, Mike Miller, Dominic McGuire
PF – Antawn Jamison, Andray Blatche, JaVale McGee
C – Brendan Haywood, Fabricio Oberto

And with this roster there is great flexibility. Depending on matchups, the Wizards could drop Butler down to the two, play Jamison at the three and have one of their athletic bigs step in at the four. Also, what teams can say that they have the ability to bring two starters from last year off the bench in Foye and Miller?

Clearly this whole notion hinges on guys staying healthy, but that’s a risk that every team has. Could the Celtics have won back-to-back titles last year if KG and Leon Powe were healthy? I think so. Could the Wizards do it this year? Perhaps.

With Flip Saunders at the helm, the Wizards should have as good a shot as any. And perhaps the best of their offseason moves – besides trading away their draft pick – was signing Oberto. While he was never a “star” in San Antonio, Oberto went up against the elite in the Western Conference each night, and had to play against Tim Duncan every day in practice. While he could just be insurance if Haywood can’t stay healthy or if Blatche and McGee don’t pan out, he will be an integral part of the Wizards success this season.

In the Washington Post yesterday, Jamison was talking about the “C word” and definitely sees in his team what many people do: talent.

“The thing about this team is, everybody has a chip on his shoulder. You got guys coming back and saying, ‘Am I going to come back and be the same player I was before the injury?’ You got guys trying to get new contracts. You got guys trying to make a name for themselves. And you got me, trying to lead this team to a championship. That’s the only thing that we should be playing for. I think everybody has that mentality.”

And if everyone does, then Wizards could win it all.

What do you think?

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