Tim Duncan Is Reportedly Expected To Return To The Spurs As A Front Office Executive

By: 09.15.16

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Earlier this summer, Tim Duncan announced his retirement after 19 years with the San Antonio Spurs, but his time serving the franchise might not be over. According to Buck Harvey of the San Antonio Express-News, the Spurs believe that Duncan could join the team in a full-time role.

Most in the organization think Duncan will eventually join the franchise in a full-time capacity. They guess he won’t coach but will instead focus on personnel. Duncan has long been intrigued by the methods that Popovich and Buford use to identify talent.

Duncan and head coach Gregg Popovich spent more time as player-and-coach than any other tandem in NBA history, and it would be hard to imagine them not working together as long as Popovich is coaching in San Antonio. The two have a friendship that extends beyond basketball, but if they can maintain a part of that hoops relationship, Popovich would be all for it.

“If he wants to go on a scouting trip, fine. If he wants his own station in training camp, he has it. He’s in charge,” said Popovich on Duncan helping out with the Spurs. “He can tell me exactly what he wants to do. But I’m not paying him a penny.”

With Duncan gone, the Spurs brought in Pau Gasol to take on some of his responsibilities both on the floor and as a leader. Even with Duncan out of the picture, the rest of the NBA can expect to see much of the same Spurs with the returns of Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Kawhi Leonard and LaMarcus Aldridge.

(Via San Antonio Express-News, h/t Pro Basketball Talk)

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