Tony Parker Is Collateral Damage In Rap Beef; The Zen Master “Might” Make NBA Return

06.15.12 6 years ago

Everything was going Tony Parker‘s way in May. He had that 20-game winning streak with the Spurs. The people at Merriam-Webster basically were putting the Spurs’ team photo next to “team” in their dictionary. They weren’t just beating Oklahoma City, they were teaching them a lesson. Then it all came tumbling apart in a four-game losing streak. Now, Parker has a damaged cornea thanks to being collateral damage in a Wednesday throwdown between Chris Brown and Drake in a NYC club. Parker says he can’t do anything for seven days but will still play in the Olympics for the French national team, and that he got hit because he was shielding his girlfriend from the shards. The obvious first question is, did he flop when he got hit? We would put up money to hear the phone conversation between either Parker and Timmy D or Parker and Gregg Popovich about it. We’re sure both of those guys have similar stories to tell. … Siempre Mo is a horse that is running in a Southern California race on Sunday. We bring you this news because Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol each have a stake in the horse, whose name means, “Always Mo,” in Spanish. And apparently the horse has been hearing a lot of it because another owner told reporters that Gasol is a regular at the stables since the Lakers lost in the playoffs. What if Kobe and Pau put their money into training Andrew Bynum, instead? Dude is more temperamental than Siempre Mo probably is in the starting gate. They could get back a commission on his contract if he improves his numbers. The 4-year-old horse is being trained by Doug O’Neill, who you may remember got I’ll Have Another to Kentucky Derby and Preakness wins this spring. He’s also been in scrutiny for allegedly doping up his horses … Kendall Marshall, formerly of UNC, worked out with Phoenix on Thursday, which still sounds like a great pairing to us. Obviously this isn’t your older cousin’s Phoenix Suns anymore, but they can still run and work around their All-Star point Steve Nash (if he comes back). We could see a guy like Marshall being his apprentice. Another guy who’s been turning heads since the winter is Damian Lillard. He worked out for Portland and afterward grabbed some food with guys like owner Paul Allen and the rest of the front office. He said all the right things afterward about it being “smooth” but dinner with Allen sounds like getting your teeth pulled. One of the more, oh, interesting owners out there. … Speaking of the Draft, we wanted to pick the ideal song for the top 30 guys in this year’s class. One word for The Brow: Mercy… Hit the jump to hear about what the best coach of all-time is up to…

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