Top 10 Fantasy Point Guards In 2009-10

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Chris Paul

This week we’ll be going through the projected top 10 (and then some) fantasy players for each position during the 2009-10 NBA season. Clearly there’s room for debate here, so speak up if you see something you either agree or don’t agree with.

1. Chris Paul: He’s an absolute stud who shouldn’t go below No. 2 overall this season. Paul helps you just about everywhere and hurts you nowhere. I lied earlier – this is the only place where there is no room for debate.

2. Deron Williams: With talk of his ankle never being 100 percent and recent reports of tendinitis in his right knee, there’s obviously room for concern here. But until he sits out for an extended period of time, feel free to bank on Williams putting up double-doubles on a near-nightly basis.

3. Steve Nash: Though he’s 35, Nash has managed to stay relatively healthy in recent seasons. With the Suns set to go back to a faster style of play, expect his points and assists to see boosts and his incredible percentages to remain intact.

4. Chauncey Billups: His stat lines almost never jump off the page and his field goal percentage leaves a bit to be desired, but Billups is always good for consistent production, with a couple threes, a steal or two and solid free-throw shooting always a given.

5. Jason Kidd: He’s old, creaky and slow, but Kidd is still good for nice all-around production. With Shawn Marion on board, Kidd could have a few more easy opportunities for assists each night.

6. Jose Calderon: He’s finally healthy after battling a nagging hamstring injury all of last season, which means Calderon should be set to approach double-double territory on a frequent basis.

7. Devin Harris: He can play with the best of them and with a more mature roster, Harris could very well build on his production last season. If he can keep his turnovers down he’ll be even more valuable.

8. Jameer Nelson: Don’t sleep on Nelson this season. It appears that he’s healthy again and with Rafer Alston shipped out of town it looks likely that he’ll continue his All-Star caliber play from last season. One potential hurdle is the Magic’s new-look roster, which could take some getting used to.

9. Gilbert Arenas: Agent Zero is almost as mysterious as his nickname. If he’s really healthy, he could finish the season as a top-15 fantasy player. If he encounters trouble again with his knee, all bets are off. Arenas is the epitome of a high risk, high reward player this year.

10. Rajon Rondo: He’ll put up great all-around numbers this season, but with his lack of threes and bad free-throw shooting, it’s hard to put him higher than this.

On the cusp: Monta Ellis, Derrick Rose, Baron Davis, Tony Parker, Russell Westbrook

What do you think?

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