Top 10 Football Players In The NBA

09.10.12 4 years ago
Nate Robinson

Nate Robinson (photo. Matt Brown)

With football season getting underway yesterday, we are now officially engaged in NFL mode. A multitude of players already showcased their heralded talents (Robert Griffin III), while others planked under the pressure of their debuts (Andrew Luck).

Still, the season is early, so there’s no need for you to consider your fantasy draft a debacle – not yet at least.

With the NBA season looming, you’d have to wonder who would be perfect assets on the gridiron today if they had the chance of gracing the field.

You’ve seen people like Charlie Ward succeed on the collegiate stage. He won the Heisman for Florida State before transitioning into a point guard. You’ve also seen Julius Peppers dabble in basketball for the Tar Heels before ultimately choosing the gridiron.

Of course, there’s a reason why these guys are playing professional basketball and not football. But it’s always fun to imagine what they’d be like in a helmet and pads. So, we decided to rate the 10 players from the NBA who we think would have the best chance to succeed on the NFL stage.

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NFL Comparison: Antonio Cromartie
Nate shouldn’t be ignored as a possible threat in the NFL. He used to play football during his collegiate days at Washington before transitioning into hoops, and possesses a lot of strength at a meager 5-9. Speed coupled with bungees would make Robinson a huge headache as a player in the secondary, especially since he’s so explosive.

NFL Comparison: Ray Lewis
The reason I’m throwing Perk on this list is because he’s aggressive, he’s mean, and he’s an enforcer. People are already scared of looking at Perk in general. Imagine you’re on the opposite side of the line and you see him looking at you, ready to tear your head off. I swear, you’re going to go the opposite way or you would probably be smart like me and dive instantly to the ground before he even lays a finger on you. I mean, I’m assuming you guys would want to live right?

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John Wall

John Wall (photo. Douglas Sonders)

NFL Comparison: Robert Griffin III
At the point guard position, Wall already exudes unimaginable athleticism. He’s very elusive and hard to contain because he’s so swift. As a quarterback, he could be an indomitable force a la RG3. Imagine Wall breaking tackles and weaving in and out of broken plays. Let Wall’s co-star in the city of DC, RG3, get his arm strength up and we might see something special with the Redskins anyways.

NFL Comparison: Nnamdi Asomugha
Ibaka is one of the best defenders in the league hands down. He’s a human flyswatter. Imagine him on the defensive end of your secondary; Serge would virtually turn the football field into a hell zone for the offense. He would swat any ball heading his direction, making lives for both the receiver and quarterback equally miserable.

NFL Comparison: Peyton Manning
Just as Rajon Rondo plays basketball like an elite quarterback, the same is applicable for Nash. Nash is 38, but he would fit under the Peyton Manning, Tom Brady mold. Remember, Aaliyah said it best: Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number. In the NBA, Nash’s uncanny ability to find the open man leaves defenses scrambling. His IQ would make up for his lack of athleticism as he would be a great pocket passer.

NFL Comparison: Marshawn Lynch
Derrick Rose could be a perfect running back. He’s built like one, and goes to the cup with vigor and force. He reminds me of a stronger Stephon Marbury when driving to the basket. Why? Anyone remember when Steph would drive to the basket? He cuffed the ball like a running back to make contact and draw the foul. Now imagine a bigger and stronger person in the form of Rose doing the same thing.

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