Top 5 NBA Teams Most Likely To Sign Jamal Crawford

12.02.11 6 years ago 2 Comments
Jamal Crawford

Last year, no one was bothering with the Brad Millers or the Tony Allens of the game. Stars were available; The world, set to be re-made. This free agency, with a period that’ll come and go as swiftly as 50‘s prime, without any real bank breakers or future stars, it’s all about securing the role players. Take at look at our free agent tracker. How many of those guys are even the third-best player on a title team? Hardly any. All-Stars? You’ll have an easier time convincing CP to stay in N’awlins. But there are numerous players available with specific skill sets who can step into a working team and make a difference.

This is where Jamal Crawford comes in, one of the most talented one-on-one players in the league. For a decade, he’s languished in situations that couldn’t make the most of his talent, and by that I don’t mean he didn’t get shots or couldn’t do his one-on-one thing or couldn’t hide defensively. He’s a sixth man, a true sixth man, and would be the perfect one on a great team. The only chance he’s had to do that was the last two seasons in Atlanta, and they weren’t exactly contending for anything other than the second round.

Reports are saying there are a number of contenders who feel the same way that I do, and many of them have already come knocking on Crossover’s door looking to get a taste. The real question is how much money will he be signing for? He made over $10 million last year, ridiculous for a bench player. That number could be cut to around $5 million if he wants to sign with a contender, perhaps $8 million if he goes to another middling team. Either way, he has as many options outside of Atlanta as any free agent, and all reports indicate he’d rather move on. Atlanta has $65 million already committed to just seven players. The luxury tax sits at around $70 million. You can do the math. There is very little chance Crawford goes back to the ATL.

With that, here are the five teams most likely to sign Crawford.

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