The Top 5 Worst Flops Of The 2011-2012 Basketball Season

07.04.12 5 years ago
reggie evans flop

Flopping is such an NBA epidemic right now that the League is considering forming a committee to assess fines for the most egregious offenders. Well, we decided to give them a head start and point out the worst floppers we’ve seen in this past season.

5. Reggie Evans

Here’s the Clippers’ Reggie Evans setting a screen on the Grizzlies’ Tony Allen in this year’s first round of the NBA playoffs. Reggie Evans is a big dude, and he sets pretty hard screens. But Tony Allen isn’t exactly tiny either. Still, we seriously doubt Allen could ever steamroll Evans without a little, shall we say, assistance.

On the charge of flopping in the first degree, we find Reggie Evans guilty.

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4. Tony Allen

Now Tony Allen’s the offender. In a January 6th game at the beginning of this season, Gordon Hayward caught the ball with Allen all over him. Hayward swung the ball through with his elbows high, apparently catching Allen in the face. It’s difficult to tell if Hayward even elbowed him in the face, but the real flop comes when Allen, after hearing the whistle for the offensive foul, collapses backwards onto the floor.

On the charge of flopping in the first degree, we find Tony Allen guilty.

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3. James Singleton

This is nearly the same flop as Tony Allen’s, except the Wizards’ James Singleton earned his team an even greater reward than an offensive foul: Tyrus Thomas, the supposed offending player, was ejected from the game. That’s right, ejected. For doing absolutely nothing.

On the charge of flopping in the first degree, we find James Singleton guilty.

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2. Omer Asik and Kyle Korver

This is beautiful, this one right here. The Bulls’ Omer Asik tries to draw a charge on the fast break, except the driving Josh Smith puts on the breaks, turns around and passes the ball. Asik, anticipating contact, simply fell to the ground sheepishly. To make matters worse, Kyle Korver, who had sprinted back on defense, fell backwards as Al Horford pivoted in the post. Too bad there was barely any contact.

On the charge of flopping in the first degree, we find Omer Asik and Kyle Korver guilty.

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