Kyrie Irving’s Uncle Drew Is Back, And Taking On Old Man Ray Allen In H-O-R-S-E

11.12.15 2 years ago

Uncle Drew is back, and that means Kyrie Irving’s return to the Cavaliers must not be far behind. The fourth chapter of the Uncle Drew series dropped on Thursday morning, and basketball’s favorite old head brought a few of his friends.

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The newest addition to the series (directed and written by Irving) welcomes Ray Allen, who plays Walt, Louis (Baron Davis), and Angelo (JB Smoove). Irving, in his full Uncle Drew getup, goes up against Allen for a game of H-O-R-S-E, with ridiculous results. Davis plays most of his role from a Hoveround, and Irving uses it as a prop for a shot at one point in some sort of modern day version of Chekhov’s Gun. (If you introduce a Hoveround into the play, that same Hoveround must be used later.)

Irving plays this character so well, you almost expect this to spin off into a longer show. He feels so comfortable as Uncle Drew, and Smoove seems to think it’s because Irving can wrap himself in the makeup and become that person. He’s safe – he’s not the Cleveland Cavaliers star anymore; he’s someone else.

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