Video: Dwyane Wade’s Huge Block Leads To Rajon Rondo’s Dime

06.06.12 5 years ago

Dwyane Wade

This was how it went Tuesday in Miami for the Heat (now down 3-2): Make a big play, watch as Boston matches it. Most common was a typical case of the Heat making a bucket, only to watch Boston beat them back in transition. This play, though, isn’t a typical case.

Brandon Bass rolled on a pick and thought he had an uncontested dunk behind the Miami defense. The only problem was Dwyane Wade sprinting from the short corner. Wade was literally the only thing jumping between Bass and a flush, but when the carom came to Rajon Rondo, he fed a corner three with a one-handed tip. The awareness of Rondo is incredible. The reaction time of Wade might be even better.

Though clearly not on this scale, I can empathize with Wade’s “great play, but” feeling after the fact. In high school I jumped over a 5-11 dude going up for a shot — my shorts going over his head — when I overshot a pump fake. I still blocked him on his double take, though, only to see it bounce into their two’s hands for a 15-foot bucket. The empathy only goes so far when you consider the difference in playing levels (suffice to say you knew that already) but I know this: It’s not quite the same without the stop.

Did Rondo or Wade make the better play?

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