Video: Fan Tells Losing Miami “Good Job, Good Effort”

06.06.12 5 years ago


ESPN play-by-plan man Mike Breen aptly described Miami’s American Airlines Arena after the Heat’s Game 5 loss, when he said it had gone silent in the moments after. Sitting courtside, though, didn’t let him hear the dialogue from the most starworthy teen fan since Jeffrey Maier stole a Yankees home run in 1996.

It’s up for debate whether this kid, who sounds like a pre-teen, is either so full of wonder or so full of sarcasm at seeing his favorite Heat go down. I mean, who tells the Heat, “Good job, good effort” after a lackluster effort on D like Game 5? His lack of an accent — mainly, does he pronounce his R’s? — leads me to believe he’s not from Boston. That’s not much proof to say he’s not a trolling Boston fan, though.

Was this kid being serious?

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