Video: Fan Throws The Ball & Hits Dwyane Wade In The Head

06.08.12 5 years ago

Dwyane Wade

Late in the 1st quarter, Dwyane Wade couldn’t save a loose ball heading out of bounds. One lucky fan, into whose lap the ball fell, decided to introduce Wade’s head to the basketball. Sure, this wasn’t exactly a high class move, but at the very least we can appreciate the delicate nature of the toss and post-throw follow through. Kudos to Dwyane Wade for taking the high road and not reacting.

More interesting was the man sitting to the tosser’s left, who recoiled in embarrassment when the ball connected with its target. Either that or he was terrified of Wade going Ron Artest and jumping into the stands. Referee Tom Washington feared just that, as he immediately grabbed Wade after the projectile landed, moving him away from the fans.

Despite the comedic relief this moment may have provided, it was Miami who got the last laugh as they forced a Game 7 with a dominating win.

What do you think of Boston’s fans?

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