Video: Gregg Popovich Gives Another Sarcastic Sideline Interview

02.07.14 4 years ago 2 Comments

Gregg Popovich, David Aldridge

This one was so sarcastic as to be almost caustic, but it shouldn’t be a surprise. We have to applaud David Aldridge for keeping it together while Gregg Popovich answered a pair of questions at the beginning of the second quarter during Thursday night’s Nets-Spurs game. That’s because Popovich’s famously glowering sideline moments reached a new nadir, or peak — depending on who you ask.

While Popovich has lately had some fun with his dour demeanor during the NBA-mandated Q&A at the start of the second quarter (away team) and fourth quarter (home team), that doesn’t mean he won’t couch his responses in the most snide tone he can muster.

After answering Aldridge’s first question with his usual pithy retort, Popovich was — as Marv Albert whimsically noted later – “loquacious” for his second question about monitoring spacing and pace with so many of the Spurs stars out (TNT!). But Pop’s blatantly sarcastic rejoinder when Aldridge thanked him for taking the time, sums up why we love the surly Spurs coach so freakin’ much:

“You’re welcome. I enjoyed this VERY much.” So did we Pop, so did we.

(many thanks to Pounding the Rock for clipping the video)

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