Video: Jamal Crawford Nutmegs Nando De Colo

11.08.12 5 years ago

Jamal Crawford

Jamal Crawford made a stir this offseason when he announced it was the first time he’d practiced shooting as a professional. Take away the initial reaction, though, and it actually makes a decent amount of sense — Crawford is only known for his handle. Dime included him in our top 10 ballhandlers since 2000 list in Dime issue No. 71 because of his shake and bake alone. Clearly the man does (or at least, he did do) nothing but work on his handle every chance he gets. Wednesday night he got to show off his latest move when he put it between the legs of San Antonio’s Nando De Colo.

Honestly, I would have picked Ricky Davis to be the first to have the stones to pull off a nutmeg crossover in a game but instead it goes to Crawford, much to the delight of DeAndre Jordan. He popped up off the Clippers bench dropping F-bombs of applause and may still be walking around Los Angeles today agog at the move. Up 20 in garbage time, Crawford picked a so-so time to pull it off and it’s not hard to see why Jeff Van Gundy says de Colo should have taken a hard foul on the next possession after being shown up. Still, a Gregg Popovich team is the last I’d expect to retaliate with a brute foul. I’m guessing he’s springing a trap for Crawford for the next time they meet.

In the interim, nice move Jamal.

Was this bush league like Jeff Van Gundy said?

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