Video: JaVale McGee Dominates Drew League And Throws Down A Sick Mid-Air Alley-Oop

07.24.13 4 years ago


The assorted clips of JaVale McGee making boneheaded decisions on an NBA hardwood forget to acknowledge what a beast he is physically. At 7-0, in sneakers, with huge hands that drag on the ground as he sports a 7-6 wingspan, McGee’s a physical freak of nature. He showed off that athleticism and physical prowess with a dominating performance in L.A.’s Drew League this past weekend.

McGee was most dominant within the paint, getting to the rim time and again as he dunked and laid the ball in, seemingly at will. Remember, the Drew League isn’t a bunch of Washington Generals stiffs, so his performance is a good thing.

At one point McGee throws an alley-oop after catching the ball mid-air during a fast break. Now if only the Nuggets can get this iteration of McGee to play for them next season when it counts.

Do you think JaVale McGee will ever put it all together in the NBA?

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