Video: JaVale McGee Has A Crazy Night In Los Angeles

05.09.12 5 years ago

JaVale McGee

JaVale McGee alone had more highlights in Tuesday’s Game 5 win in Los Angeles than there were combined in the Lakers-Nuggets series’ first four games (unless you count the clips of the reactions of his mom, Pam McGee, in the stands). Mixed into his 21-point, 14-board game were the crazy dunks, head-scratching goaltends and blocks we’ve all come to expect — plus something new.

In all seriousness, McGee earned himself some money with his game for his next contract, even if it did include him goaltending a Kobe Bryant shot by sticking his hand through the cylinder and getting a flagrant foul from Andrew Bynum. Just as everyone chalked it up to, “Oh, JaVale” he did this.


Then there was this nasty half-court alley-oop from Andre Miller.

The capper, if you hadn’t seen it, was throwing the game ball deep into the Staples Center stands — after TNT’s Craig Sager had told him to hold onto it. OK, we give up. “Oh, JaVale.”

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