Video: Kevin Durant Puts Marcin Gortat On A Poster For His 40th Point

01.15.13 5 years ago

Kevin Durant

Now this, THIS is 40. Kevin Durant‘s 40th point in his 41-point game against Phoenix on Monday night came on an enormous poster dunk of Marcin Gortat, a dunk he flushed only after he faked out Michael Beasley with a hesitation move that might be the best of the season. Beasley is just not a good defender, especially when put in a one-on-one situation where clearly his man, Durant, was going to be shooting. Maybe what I like so much about the dunk — against one of the NBA’s grittiest inside defenders, no less — is how it’s just as much about that move to get into a deserted paint, the one that made Phoenix’s crowd audibly gasp.

This was Durant’s curtain call of the night, and gave him a hell of a way to get to his fourth 40-point game of the season.

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