Video: Lil B Tries Out For The Warriors’ D-League Team

10.16.12 5 years ago

Lil B Warriors

Lil B is known for both his role as the self-proclaimed Based God and for his other claim that he’s created thousands of songs. If you’ve paid even scant attention to hip-hop you’ve probably seen his ALL CAPS Twitter handle weave its way into your timeline and seen his solo star rise ever since “Vans” came out in 2006. But on the basketball court can he run in a different kind of Pack and create plays? That’s what he, and we, are still dutifully trying to uncover after he tried out for Santa Cruz’s D-League team, the Warriors, Monday in Aptos, Calif.

Local news station WSHH got footage of Lil B, aka Brandon McCartney from Berkeley, after the tryout, and he seemed pleased with his game. Alas, no footage specifically of his game was shown from the tryout, but trust me when I say this was as strange a crowd as you’ll see in an open tryout, with a 76-year-old ex-professor also trying out alongside legitimate athletes and, of course, Bay Area rappers. Santa Cruz GM Kirk Lacob,  assistant GM for the NBA’s Warriors and son of Golden State owner Joe, gets some face time talking about the characteristics every player needs to make the team. Let’s relate it to Lil B. Coachable? Lil B gets input from all his listeners, all the time. Plays well as part of a team? He’s got a track record of success with The Pack. Hustle? Don’t question his hustle. Rebound and defend? Hmm, that might be the catch.

Afterward Lil B checked in with his 550,000-plus Twitter followers, too, saying that instead of going point guard he spent most the time at shooting guard.

He got some encouragement, and more than 1,800 retweets, from Tyler the Creator.


Basically the only thing Lil B has tweeted about since his time in Aptos is his new single, “Rawest Rapper Alive.” According to his retweets, it’s a hit. Now it’s up to Santa Cruz Warriors staff to decide whether Brandon McCartney is too raw for a spot on the team.

What do you think?

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