Watch Michael Jordan Palm A Frozen Turkey On “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

06.11.14 3 years ago
Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan (photo. Bryan Horowitz)

The further and further removed we are from Michael Jordan‘s playing career, the easier it becomes to deify his on-court exploits. Because that’s mostly relegated to his unmatched competitive fire and otherwordly talents as a scorer, it’s sometimes easy to forget MJ was named to the All-Defensive First Team nine times, won Defensive Player of the Year in 1988, and ranks third in league history with 2,514 steals. A video produced by “Jimmy Kimmel Live” of Jordan palming, or attempting to palm, various objects is just the reminder we need that His Airness was a devastating defender, too.

If this were 20 years ago, there’s no doubt that Jordan could palm the world, metaphorically or otherwise. The video makes clear, though, that at 51 years old, he lacks the finger strength necessary to make the demonstration especially noteworthy.

Kawhi Leonard would definitely make for a better contestant:

Rajon Rondo likely would, too:

Leonard and Rondo might be better at Kimmel’s game, but neither can touch Jordan when it comes to palming a basketball. Until we see either huge-handed star make a play like this, we’ll stick with MJ:

(H/T BroBible) (Videos via JimmyKimmelLive Ali Unall Smyrnall, EverythingBoston1, and youutoobe)

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