Video: Stephen Curry Crosses Ty Lawson Into Oblivion

12.24.13 4 years ago 2 Comments
Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry (Chris Humphreys/USA TODAY Sports)

Early in Golden State’s visit to the Pepsi Center Monday night, it was hard not to think back to last season’s exciting George Karl-coached Nuggets squad who became a favorite of the late night League Pass set. But not through the first trimester of this season, where so far both teams have stumbled a bit out of the gate. On Monday night, they both stumbled on offense, except Stephen Curry found time to shake Ty Lawson so bad with a crossover, he turned all the way around and bonked against the screener.

Lawson wrenches so bad towards David Lee‘s pick, he knocks his head on his elbow and has to spin all the way around to attempt and challenge Steph’s three-pointer. Though he was only 6-of-16 on the night, Steph knocked this one down, or else that crossover would have been for naught.

Our thoughts exactly, Quincy Miller.

Quincy Miller

Quincy Miller (Chris Humphreys/USA TODAY Sports)

The game itself was a grueling 89-81 affair with David Lee’s 28 points (11-for-21 shooting) and 10 rebounds leading the way for a cold-shooting Dubs squad against an even colder-shooting Nuggets group (less than 43 percent for Denver and 38.3 for Denver).

Last season, the Warriors ranked No. 10 in the league in offensive efficiency and the Nuggets were No. 5. This year both are out of the top 10, and both have slowed their pace — though not enough to make a substiantial difference (both are among the top 10 fastest teams in the league again this year).

But if Golden State, with Iggy and Bogut healthy, can muster a win in defensive-oriented affairs like Monday night’s visit to Denver, that means they could win playoff games when the Splash Brothers find an empty swimming pool against top level playoff defenses.

What do you think of Steph’s crossover?

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