Vince Carter’s Top 10 Windmill Dunks Of His NBA Career

07.09.13 4 years ago 8 Comments
Vince Carter

Vince Carter, Dime #21

The young fellas don’t understand. They’re spoiled by YouTube and high definition and instant analysis and GIFs and Twitter. Back in the day, you had to hit up for highlights, and then crane your neck to watch a pixelated video that was no bigger than your business card. Still, at least we were lucky enough to have that because if not, Vince Carter‘s legend wouldn’t be nearly as lethal.

During a summer in middle school, I remember hearing rumors of a Vince Carter windmill alley-oop at the Rucker. I wanted to believe it, but you know how it is with playground basketball stories. A guy touches the top of the box and two years later people are on the street saying he grabbed the top of the backboard. These things grow, running further and further from the truth. So when video of the infamous windmill alley-oop did finally emerge (yep, that’s an old school HoopsTV video), it was one of the best moments of my life.

Carter’s dunking exploits were so explosive you could make a “Vince Carter warmup dunk mix” and it’d make sense. I recently dropped a piece on all the most memorable times that he planted a facial on a famous Georgetown center. Today, I’m highlighting Vinsanity’s greatest windmills with only one rule: they had to have happened in a NBA game. That means no celebrity events and no USA games. Enjoy.

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Baseline windmills are always tricky because of the odd positioning. With the backboard right there, and most likely defenders coming at you from the middle, you can get yourself caught underneath the rim. Here, VC is all alone and shows why you should never jump with him.

As the headline says, this one is more of a mini windmill. But it gets extra points for VC doing it without any dribbles and with Anthony Johnson literally right underneath him. It takes some big-time dunking confidence to see a player running straight at your stomach and then still having the guts to go up for a windmill in his mug. Nasty.

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