Warriors are sorry, miss Jackson

11.18.09 8 years ago 35 Comments

LeBron James

It took about 47 and a half minutes for Don Nelson to really miss Stephen Jackson. In the Warriors’ first game since trading Capt. Jack to the Bobcats, they were actually hanging with the Cavs on the road last night. On a critical possession with under a minute to go and Cleveland ahead by four, LeBron of course had the rock, a situation where S-Jack would normally have been guarding him. This time, however, Nellie had to enlist Vlad Radmanovic for the job. (Well, he didn’t have to; Anthony Randolph might have been a better choice.) To the surprise of no one, LeBron scored easily, sticking a pull-up jumper for the dagger … Radmanovic had 11 points in his Golden State debut, but Raja Bell sat out with a wrist injury. They could have used Raja. Corey Maggette was the other guy besides Vlad who guarded LeBron regularly, and he approached the assignment with as much enthusiasm as one of the “Flavor of Love” girls going in to kiss Flavor Flav. One time Maggette got slightly brushed by Big Z on a screen, and when LeBron (31 pts, 12 asts) turned the corner and got a half-step on him, Bad Porn just gave up and watched LBJ go in for a dunk … In the opening minutes of Suns/Rockets, the Phoenix D was looking real leaky; Trevor Ariza and Aaron Brooks were getting wide-open threes and converting, and the Suns quickly fell behind by double digits. In the closing minutes, though, Phoenix’s defense stepped up and shut Houston down, becoming the first team to win 10 games this season … Carl Landry deserves a shout-out for playing maybe the best game of his career, posting 27 points and nine boards. Too bad the only thing people will remember is Landry getting crammed on by Jason Richardson. With J-Rich’s left hand, too … One of the Suns’ announcers said Chase Budinger “plays with a big bag of chips on his shoulder.” That’s just begging for an Eddy Curry joke. BTW, apparently Budinger’s nickname on the team is “Air Bud” … Late in the first half of Heat/Thunder, Russell Westbrook bowled over Mario Chalmers on a post-up and was called for a charge; then Jermaine O’Neal came over and gave Westbrook (24 pts, 7 asts) a shove, nearly causing a fight. D-Wade was holding Westbrook back strong enough that he wasn’t going anywhere, so he just talked a lot while J.O. debated whether he was gonna smack the kid … This was one of those games that makes people think OKC will be really good in a couple of years. Winning on the road against one of the League’s early-season powerhouses, the Thunder had the fourth-quarter poise of a veteran playoff squad, their defense was solid (holding Miami to just 87 points and Wade to 22 on 6-of-19 shooting), and Westbrook was a reliable second scorer alongside Kevin Durant (32 pts) … Other big stat lines from Tuesday: Carmelo Anthony dropped 32 points (12-15 FG) to beat the Raptors; David West had 24 points and 10 boards as the Hornets beat the Clippers; John Salmons scored 23 to lead Chicago past the Kings; and Brook Lopez had 26 points, 16 boards and five blocks in another New Jersey loss … Everybody talks about Hakeem Olajuwon working with Kobe Bryant this summer on his post moves, but why is nobody mentioning that Hasheem Thabeet was also working with The Dream? That’s right, Thabeet would have to score some points first before anyone could tell that story … Kobe was at it again last night , giving the Pistons hook shots in the lane and baseline jumpers on his way to 40 points (17-29 FG) in a Lakers win, as the champs looked like the champs again following bad losses to Denver and Houston. Kobe wasn’t thinking about his post moves at the end, though, when he was still on 37 points and L.A. was already up ten. Kobe launched a three from about 26 feet that dropped in Jonas Jerebko‘s face to hit the magic number … Play of the night: Shannon Brown soared in for what looked like a serious poster dunk, but Jason Maxiell got in the way and snuffed it out at the rim. Honestly, Shannon had no business being that high anyway. Or you could have gone with Kobe’s spinning, back-to-the-basket blind flip shot over Kwame Brown. It was like Jordan‘s good legacy meets Jordan’s bad legacy … We heard that ESPN was going to put Tennessee vs. UNC-Asheville on the air as part of its 24-hour college hoops marathon, but decided against televising child abuse. The Vols destroyed Asheville, 124-49. Yes, that’s a margin of SEVENTY-FIVE points. Tennessee had more than twice as many assists (34) as the Bulldogs had field goals (16). By the time Asheville had made its first field goal, UT already had 57 points, and then Asheville only hit two shots in the second half … We’re out like Thabeet’s offense …

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