Watch DeAndre Jordan Get Punched In Slow Motion (Gif)

08.29.13 4 years ago


As part of a buildup to the James Franco Roast on Comedy Central this upcoming Labor Day, they’re punching people in the face. We don’t know how this is at all related to James Franco or comedians/celebrities roasting him from a lectern, but there are a lot of videos showing people getting punched as part of the Franco Roast. Only one, however, features a NBA player.

DeAndre Jordan almost looks like he’s flopping here with a delayed reaction to the punch, but after looking at some of the other videos, that’s just how people react in slow motion to getting punched in the face. We never knew.

This isn’t DJ trying to impress CP3 with his flop skills; getting punched hurts.

Maybe it doesn’t psychologically sting as much as getting dunked on, but still, we don’t want to be punched. DJ doesn’t have that hang-up it appears.

[h/t All Ball Blog]

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