Watch Dirk Nowitzki Sing “Satisfaction” In the Back Seat Of A Car Driven By Mavs Dancers

07.19.13 4 years ago


The Greatest German Of All Time (GGOAT), Dirk Nowitzki, got together with another German, DJ Flula, to have some fun in the backseat of a car driven by a couple Mavs dancers in full costume. While they were on the road, Dirk and Flula were beatboxing, rapping and singing from the backseat, specifically a tortured version of “Satisfaction,” by the Rolling Stones.

Dirk always looks like he’s having more fun than everyone else, and we have to give him props for singing his heart out even while sounding awful. That’s the type of confidence the 2011 NBA Finals MVP should display—despite his mangled warble.

While this probably isn’t what Keith Richards had in mind when he woke to discover he’d recorded the famous “Satisfaction” guitar lick, he can probably appreciate Dirk’s brazen singing display from the backseat.

Besides, Dirk probably would have sounded better if they’d tried some David Hasselhoff tunes.

What do you think of Dirk’s singing?

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