“What The Mavs Say” Video Oddity Wins The Internet Today

10.30.13 4 years ago 3 Comments


There isn’t much to say about this video from the Dallas Mavericks. They’re all set to tip off tonight, and somehow they’ve come up with a video that’s part instructional video for animal sounds, and part Merry Pranksters. If you do anything today, make sure you see this video. We’re watching it again.

The video opens with a voiceover singing about the various sounds animals make (sample: “Dog goes ‘woof,’ cat goes ‘meow’…”). At the same time, the Mavericks roster is dressed up in hilarious animal costumes dancing around what appears to be a cabin in the woods, surrounded by other animal-clad teammates and fans. Then the music drops, and the narrator sings: “What Do The Mavs Say?”

That’s when each Mavs player offers their own unique take — usually in loud and abrasive onomatopoeia form — on what the Mavs say. It’s perhaps the most surreal team video we’ve seen in the history of team videos. Seriously, it almost seems like owner Mark Cuban convinced his Mavs to go on a psychedelic vision quest together.

We’re not going to check to see if their pupils are dilated, but we’re pretty sure the Mavs all got on Ken Kesey‘s bus with this one.

UPDATE: As our commenters painfully pointed out to me below, the Mavs video is a spoof of the Norwegian comedy group Ylvis and their viral hit: “The Fox (What Does The Fox Say).” While I appreciate our commenters clearing this up for me, I prefer my acid-infused interpretation.

Here’s the Ylvis video, in case you’re like me and totally ignorant about anything unrelated to the NBA.

What do you think?

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