What’s In the Box?

11.28.07 10 years ago 12 Comments

Tonight is the second of two tryout sessions for the Nike Recess Federation hoop league that we’ve been in for the last few years. The session is followed by the NRF’s draft, where 10 GMs will lock themselves in a room to build their squads. The Dime Crew is split up throughout the league, so in terms of bragging rights, tonight’s a big night.

It’s the first NRF season for our Lifestyle Editor, Christian Grant-Fields, so he’ll be running at tryouts tonight (it’s a keeper league where each franchise holds on to four players from the previous season).

IMAGE DESCRIPTION“From your #1 fan.”

Is Christian nervous? You tell us. He just got a package from his girl to get him ready for the tryouts. As you can see, there’s a headband, wristbands, PowerBars, Powerade, an ankle brace … and a card from his “#1 fan.”

Needless to say, we’re killing him right now.

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