Who is this year’s Kevin Garnett? Reggie, Marv and Collins weigh in

10.24.08 9 years ago 38 Comments
Kevin GarnettKevin Garnett (photo. Gary Land)

After Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen joined the Champion’s Club last June, I asked the DimeMag.com readers: “Who do you want to see win a championship now?” For years, KG was the No. 1 guy that fans (and even his colleagues) wanted to see win a ring for the first time. Now that KG is certified, who is the League’s favorite underdog this year? Yesterday I got a chance to ask TNT’s announce crew that same question, and here’s what they said:

Reggie Miller: “For me it’s Jason Kidd. And he’s playing under Rick Carlisle, one of my former coaches who I have great respect for. The Mavs will have a full year with Jason, they have a one-time MVP in Dirk; Josh Howard had a tough summer, but I think he’s turned the corner. I like to see older players like Kidd who have paid their dues, guys like KG, those are the guys I’d love to see get a chance to get another shot.”

Doug Collins: “I’ll go in a different direction. Being a coach — my playing days are a lot farther behind me — I’d love to see Jerry Sloan win a championship. What he’s done in Utah through the years, the way he does his job with class and dignity, I would love to see Sloan win one.”

Marv Albert: “I would agree with Reggie and say Jason Kidd. I know how much it means to Jason from being around him for several years with the Nets. He can walk on the court and it’s a triple-double. He gave everything he had (in New Jersey), probably right up until the last couple of months before the deal when he made it clear he wanted to be traded. However it’ll be very tough for a team like Dallas to go all the way.”

With the season right around the corner, which superstar has the most realistic chance to get their first ‘chip in 2009?

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