Who Would You Want: Rajon Rondo Or Chris Paul?

11.30.11 6 years ago 19 Comments
Chris Paul

Chris Paul (photo. Jordan Brand)

Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo have always been at each other’s throats. Some cats, like Derrick Rose, they just don’t care about the competition. They do their thing, and if people annoint them as MVPs or anything else, it doesn’t matter. But some guys… they need that respect. They crave it. Chris Paul is like that. He rolls with LeBron and D-Wade. The best in the business. And Rondo is definitely like that.

What happened when we caught up with Rondo earlier this fall? He said he’d beat everyone on his own team one-on-one, including Paul Pierce. Then he said he’d beat every point guard in the whole league. Who would he take out in a one-on-one championship? “Whoever gets there,” he said. Okay then. I guess that settles that.

So now we have two guys – Public Enemy No. 1, the player you love to hate and then the people’s champ, the next Isiah – in direct competition not just on the court, but because their respective squads are thinking about trading these two for each other. Paul wants to go to New York above all else but Boston is busy convincing him to come to New England. Rondo doesn’t really want to go anywhere, but could be changing his stance soon because the Celtics are offering him to New Orleans and are now even discussing things with Indiana. If both of these All-Stars survive this condensed season in their current situations, it’ll be amazing. Something’s gonna happen.

So now we bring it out to the Dime fam. Who would you rather have running your squad? Rajon Rondo or Chris Paul? We’ve argued this time and time again. Here are some highlights from our past arguments.


“Now, after finishing up his sixth NBA season, some want to say he’s fallen off. Hypebeasts argue that his short-lived reign as the NBA’s best PG has come to an end, and after one phenomenal season by some guy out of Chicago, he’s no longer the best point guard the NBA has to offer. Pure blasphemy.

Nothing turns a fan off more than an injury. Someone can be the best and most idolized player in the league, but the second he gets hurt, he’s forgotten about instantly. When a player gets hurt, there’s no telling if, or how, they’re going to come back. So when Chris Paul got injured, it was almost like he had automatically revoked his best PG title. Nobody gave him the chance to come back off that injury and prove he hadn’t lost a step. They wrote him off immediately. Just because the best PG gets hurt for a season or so doesn’t mean you have to start looking for a new one right away.

It’s safe to say that with his first-round series against L.A, CP3 opened up a lot of eyes again, and reminded people that he is the best, and most complete point guard the league has seen in years. If that series wasn’t enough of a reminder, hopefully in the future he’s competing for championships. If that happens, no matter what team he’s playing on, I’m sure there won’t be any question as to who the best point guard in the NBA is any longer.” – Jaimie Canterbury

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