Would Barack Give You Buckets?

04.16.08 10 years ago 19 Comments
IMAGE DESCRIPTION(Courtesy BarackObama.com)

HBO’s “Real Sports” ran a feature last night on Barack Obama‘s increasingly well-documented history as a ballplayer, where we got to see the presidential candidate get in some run. Pretty good stuff, with a few notable items:

* Barack can definitely pass. The pickup game they showed wasn’t very intense at all, but he can clearly thread it.

* If you ever find yourself in a pickup game and you’re guarding Obama, make him go right. The man is the political version of Manu Ginobili – he’d rather lose a digit than go right, and he basically admitted as much to Bryant Gumbel after the game.

* Obama’s self-analysis of his game when he was in high school and college: “I could get to the rim on anybody.”

* And today? “I’ve held up reasonably well at 46,” Obama said. “I’m still reasonably quick.” He then noted that he can pretty much get to the rim any time he wants to against his peers today.

* Finally, here’s this quote on Obama’s game from newly-hired Oregon State men’s hoop coach Craig Robinson, Barack’s brother-in-law who used to coach at Brown University: “He started out as a Black player who played Black. Now he’s more of a Black player who plays White. After 35, we all play White.” What does that even mean?

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