100 Images That Should Be Stored In A Time Capsule For Future Generations

By 05.25.11

Boy, did we really dodge a bullet on May 21 or what? I thought for sure that if anyone could predict when the world would end right down to the specifics of time zones it would be an 89-year old talk radio host. Imagine the egg on my face when I realized that Harold Camping’s prediction was wrong. Thankfully, I only spent $8 million of my own money on customized rapture vans and billboards, and I kept a few bucks in an old Penthouse under my waterbed so I can begin to rebuild my fortune through my family’s Lithuanian mail order bride business.

But Camping’s prediction, as wrong as it may have been, got me to thinking – what are we going to do when the actual rapture arrives? It doesn’t even have to be a rapture. It could be a nuclear holocaust, alien invasion, global pandemic, mutant sharks, return of the dinosaurs, etc. Regardless of the method of our eventual demise, we should leave something behind so that we’re not forgotten when the next world is born. Maybe some aliens will happen across this silly rock some day and decide to make it a theme park. Or maybe humankind will be given a second chance and whichever god eventually rapturing us will start over fresh. Either way, I want the next inhabitants of this Earth to know what kind of people they’re replacing. Because, heaven or hell, I think we’ve all been pretty darn special.

So I reached into my personal collection of my favorite photos from over the past few years of being in this blogging game (collected from some of my favorite places like Reddit, Kontraband, Holy Taco, Awkward Family Photos, Awkward Family Pet Photos, and various other sites) and put together this time capsule for our next generation. May they see in us what the rapture did not.

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