2010: The Year of the Meme

Let’s be honest, 2010 was one hell of a year for everybody. The Olympics turned Canadian, offshore drilling proved just how eco friendly it really could be, Chilean miners mugged for cameras while wearing really cool sunglasses, Lady Gaga proudly displayed her need for meat and the United States military finally realized that even openly gay people could die defending their country -and these were just the events that I happened to be wearing pants for. No matter how you Slap Chop it up, 2010 was an extremely newsworthy year for everyone. Equally as hard at work was the ever lurking internet, that marathoned hard, night and day, supplying us some of the, dare I say, greatest internet memes of all time.

But don’t take my word for it (all that gets you is harassed and rediculed in front of your 12 step class), instead fan through the following pages ripe with confidence, knowing that Uncle Chodin has compiled a list containing some of last year’s most entertaining memes.

In no particular order…

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