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Sixteen Intriguing Businesses

By / 06.28.10

What more could you ever need?

There may not be a business model that gets our attention (and blogger dollars) quite like “Internet & Tacos”, but this won’t stop us from trying to find one.  Here are fifteen more businesses which are as intriguing as they are befuddling:

“Need a llama?”  I hadn’t really thought abou– YES!!!

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How far are you willing to go for a cup of the World’s Best Coffee?  Find out on TLC’s newest show.

If this is next door to “Internet and Tacos”, I’ve found my new home (in a cardboard box on that sidewalk).

These guys seem legit.

It’s an adobe photo shop.  The end. [via]

Well, that seems specific.

Is that a product, a sexual position, or an awesome band name?

I bet they could tell me what a Georgia Chainsaw is.

Sadly, this is one of many Camel Tow places.  Did I say “sadly”?  What I meant was, “as well there should be.”

These guys can give you an epic mullet using only a paperclip and a gum wrapper.

Have you ever needed eels, live bait, and mummies?  But ordering them online is too hard.
And driving to three different stores is so inconvenient.  There has to be an easier way!

A perfect combination: loitering teens and the old people who despise them.

Made by hoes?  Well they are already experts in “Jams Pickles”.

This is the greatest business plan that has ever or will ever be conceived. [via]

I stand corrected.  This is the greatest business plan that has ever or will ever be conceived.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s a phone number I need to be dialing in every area code until my destiny is fulfilled.


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