Batman Explains It All

How To, Batman! is a web series created by Gabe Evans (as Batman) and Greg Gustafson of Sherman Oaks, CA. The concept is simple: a man in a Batman costume tells you how to do things you may not know how to do.  It seems the novelty of that would quickly wear off, but somehow it doesn’t as the videos below will show.  What makes this work?  It’s not just any guy in a batman suit; it’s a very large man with a good sense of humor in a Batman costume doing the “Christian Bale Batman” voice.  Need a quick reminder of what I mean by “Christian Bale Batman” voice?  Here you go:

Now imagine that voice coming out of a huge comedian in an Adam West era Batman suit.  Wait, don’t imagine it because you don’t have to.  These videos do the heavy lifting for you.

In one of his earliest videos, Batman teaches us how to make a sandwich:

Batman teaches us how to dress for success.  Lookin’ good, Batman:

To watch Batman chug an energy drink, you’re gonna need the thirst for energy:

Batman teaches us how to order food at Subway.  You better put American cheese on that:

Batman brings the sexy.  Let him be your wingman:

Batman gives advice on getting out of the friend zone.  “You don’t want to be that guy that gets stuck watching Disney movies whenever he wants to because she wants to but you don’t really want to, so you’re that guy.”

Batman and a batfriend (Nicole Sykes) teach us how to crochet:

Batman teaches you how to inform Spanish-speaking people that your donkey is drunk and there’s a cat in your pants. Good to know.

Batman orders a healthy smoothie and a healthy peanut butter cookie and then goes jogging to the batcave, which, on the inside, looks an awful lot like an apartment built in the 90s.

Finally, and perhaps the pièce de résistance, Batman breaks character and channels Mel Gibson instead. *kisses fingertips* Magnifique.

How To, Batman! on Twitter / YouTube / Tumblr — Hat tip to Reddit.

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