Hitting The Rock: 50 Celebs Who Have Never Hosted SNL And Probably Should

By 03.01.11

This Saturday, Miley Cyrus will take the stage as the host of Saturday Night Live for the first time ever, leading me to actually wonder why it has taken this long for her to get the gig. I’m not saying that I’m excited for her appearance – in fact, I worry that she’ll ruin Vanessa Bayer’s usually funny “Miley Cyrus Show” – but Miley has been a superstar for several years now and depending on who you ask, she’s based in music and comedy. So why hasn’t she hosted yet? Doesn’t matter, because she is now. But that got me to wondering two things: 1) Which celebrities, actors, musicians, politicians and pop culture icons have never hosted SNL and B) Which of today’s bigger stars should get the hosting call soon? (And remember that hosting is different than being a musical guest…)

To be fair, 50 is an arbitrary number, because I could have made it 500. And yes, on my list of 500 I’m included. Twice. But we’ve seen some questionable hosts *cough, Russell Brand and January Jones, cough* as of late, and there are other people out there who could either do a better job or should at least have a shot. Instead of, you know, letting Dane Cook waste another hour of our lives. And while they can’t all be perfect hosts like Alec Baldwin, Ben Affleck, Steve Martin, Tom Hanks, Justin Timberlake, Will Ferrell, and Tina Fey, just to name a few, we’ll never know unless we try.

Will Smith

Jaden and Willow Smith

Chad Ochocinco

Chris Parnell

(Via LIFE)

Joel McHale

Tom Cruise

Suri Cruise

Al Pacino

Dwight Howard

Brad Pitt

Lea Michelle

Christian Bale

Olivia Munn

Channing Tatum

Justin Bieber

Chloe Moretz

Patton Oswalt

Nick Swardson

The Situation

Bristol Palin

Glenn Beck

Meghan McCain

Nancy Pelosi

Leighton Meester

Daniel Craig

Tom Hardy

Sam Worthington

The Kardashian Sisters

Kanye West

Carmelo Anthony

Kathy Griffin

Anderson Cooper

Minka Kelly

Julie Bowen

Allison Brie

(Via Complex)

Robert Pattinson

Jason Statham

"Oi, it's Saturday Noight, innit?"

Regis Philbin

Stephen Colbert

Mark Paul Gosselaar

Lady Gaga

Mila Kunis

(Via FHM)

The Jonas Brothers

Ryan Gosling

Bill Clinton

Mark Sanchez

Matt Lauer

Denzel Washington

Gary Busey

In fairness to the original point of this post, Gary Busey has already hosted SNL. But that appearance came in 1979 when he was normal Busey. He’s a completely different Busey now and therefore should receive another chance. And we’d all watch because it would probably be the most amazing television event ever.

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