Mel Gibson Quotes With Photographic Context

Insert the world’s easiest punch line [here].

Oh Mel Gibson, you handsome racist sly tongued fox, you. I’m pretty sure, these days, it goes without saying that ol’ Sergeant Riggs is in a heap of sh*t. While most of us are no stranger to getting completely sh*t housed and berating someone over a telephone (I love my anytime minutes), Mel was fortunate enough to not only have his cocaine alcohol sex ball sac rage-fueled diatribe recorded, but also leaked online for the listening enjoyment of anyone born before 1865.

Video NSFW, unless you work in a factory that manufactures kaka words and racist sentences.

Now look, I fully realize that I’m not Whoopi Goldberg (I was never actually in Ghost, only screen tested), but still I have to keep the hope alive that deep down Mr. Gibson isn’t the bleeding heart racist that the media so eagerly wants him to be. Sure his new favorite crayon may be Crayola’s Xenophobic Red, but maybe somehow this is all just a big misunderstanding? I mean, there are over 6.5 billion people on this Earth, so surely we’re bound to misinterpret and exchange blows from time to time. And maybe that’s the real villain here: context (or maybe the word “blow”, equally as applicable here). Look, I don’t know, but what I do know is that accompanied by semi-related photographs of other people, Mel’s quotes take on a life of their own. His career may be ending, but his vocabulary is just taking off.

And there you have it: undeniable truth that scolding quotes can turn uplifting when accompanied by a photograph of a kid in a damn doghouse (highbrow, I know). In a world where words are so carelessly slung about like birdseed, it’s pretty inevitable that we will offend one another periodically. Words hurt and even though they shouldn’t, they still do. I could go on to argue that no matter what Mel Gibson says it absolutely in no way affects my personal life or my understanding of Australians, but then again what do I know? I’ve never been the victim of somebody chewing me out for breast feeding with my foreign bodies.

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