101 Greatest Movie Villains Supercut and Your Morning Links

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[via HYST]

Paul Thomas Anderson wants to a make a full-blown comedy like Airplane |Film Drunk|

Eddie Izzard Really Appreciates The Time Someone Bought Him A Castle |UPROXX|

Not quite a roundhouse, but just as effective. [via Awesomephilia]

Anthony Bourdain Goes On A Dead-Hooker Twitter Tirade |Warming Glow|

The Political Victory Nobody Is Talking About: Kate Upton’s Uncle Won
His Election |With Leather|

Funny, Sexy, And Awesome Cosplay Of The Week |Gamma Squad|

Wyclef And Will.i.am Are The Exact Same Person, America |Smoking Section|

Peyton Manning Is The Smartest Businessman Alive And An Indirect Weed
Profiteer |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Impressive. Most impressive. |theChive|

Tim Tebow’s E-mail Hacked! |Grantland|

Nine Year-Old Girl Dominates Boys Football League |Buzzfeed|

Diane Sawyer Was Just Really “Tired” Last Night |IDLYITW|

When Victoria’s Secret Rescued The National Guard |Mental Floss|

The Elegant Ladies of Melbourne [NSFW] |Holy Taco|

7 Sites You Should Be Wasting Time On Right Now |HuffPost Comedy|

Scarlett Johansson Got A New Tattoo |The Superficial|

Eight Movies To Play On A First Date If You Are Looking To Scare Someone
Away |Unreality|

8 Of the Worst Movie Plot Twists of All Time |Screen Junkies|

Romney’s First Draft of Last Minute Concession Speech |College Humor|

Duh Aficionado Magazine: Bill O’Reilly Is Sometimes Right, Still An Asshole

For all those who like being watched 24/7 by an attractive Japanese
girl, there’s now an app for that |Fark|

Sleeping Bulldog vs. Cheese Puff |Clip Nation|

The Top 26 Things I Want From The Wedding Of Leslie Knope |Pajiba|

Skater Has a Multi-Round Bout with a Set of Stairs. Stairs Win in a
Landslide. |Brobible|

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