1st pictures of Admiral Rihanna on ‘Battleship Alien’

09.02.10 7 years ago 29 Comments

(Rihanna prepares for another game of ‘Smell the Glove’)

I was browsing my favorite internet website RihannaDaily this morning when I came across these first pictures of Rihanna on the set of Peter Berg’s Battleship.  Casting Rihanna as a Navy seawoman in a board-game-based movie about a naval battle with aliens seemed like a weird choice (as did moving forward with this whole board-game idea in the first place), but now that I’ve seen the pictures, she definitely looks the part.  Her transformation is breathtaking, really.  You’d never guess she was actually a famous pop star and not no-nonsense sailor lady.  I mean, the camouflage, the forearm tattoos… incredible.

“Okay, team, so what do we know about sailors?”

“Hmm, they swear a lot?”

“Good, but…”

“Oooh, I know– they have tattoos of anchors on their forearms.”

“Yes!  That’s good…”

“And they’re always eating spinach and getting into fights!”


“I was thinking… could she also smoke a corn cob pip?”

“That’s great stuff, Trent, really great.  Nice work, gang.  Should we call out for sushi?”

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