By: 03.26.08  •  38 Comments

The Tom Cruise parody I just put up reminded me of cults, and then FilmDrunkard Ohad sent me this – the trailer for The Moses Code movie. 

As you can see from the trailer, and most likely from the seminar that will accompany any screenings, The Moses Code will change your life.  Some other people learned about the Moses Code, and their lives have never been the same.  You need to learn all about the Moses Code, because it will be like opening your eyes for the first time.  They aren’t allowed to tell you what the Moses Code is because you won’t be able to understand it yet. The Moses Code is the world’s best-kept secret.  That’s why when we talk about the Moses Code, we always lower our voices to a whisper.

I really want to find out what the code is so I can learn to teleport around the room like that – that shit’s crazy.  The Moses Code must be like Jumper or something.

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