By: 12.04.09

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I have high hopes for Matthew Vaughn’s Kick-Ass.  That would make two Nic Cage movies that I loved in as many years, so if it does happen, I hope I don’t start puking rainbows and lactating spiders.  Anyway, this is Christopher McLovin Mintz-Plasse as his alter ego, “Red Mist.”  Red Mist can’t read your mind, but he can kick your ass.  Red Mist is also the reason my dog growls at my girlfriend when she’s menstruating.  I make her sleep outside during that time now.  What?  It’s totally cool, I bought her a special dogloo for it.

[go over to AICN for the 6000-pixels-tall version of this, because a rational person would totally want that]

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