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By 01.21.10

Greetings, Drunkards.  I’ve only got a few minutes here in the Cincinnati Airport (beautiful, by the way), but I wanted to let you know that I’ll be in Park City for the Sundance Film Festival by nightfall.  I don’t have press credentials* because I’m too much of a rebel (to even wear pants) so I don’t even really know what the hell I’ll be doing there or if your daily FilmDrunk experience will even change all that much, but I just thought I’d let you guys know.  Frankly, the hookers just seemed bored by it.  Anyway, expect a few reviews, and maybe a picture or two, but I’ll try to keep my boring travelogues and hobo wrestling stories to a minimum.  (Note: I only wrestle girl hobos.)

Also: follow Filmdrunk on Twitter if you want more up-to-the-minute travel photos, thoughts on date rape and, like… pictures of… signs and stuff.  Shut up, just do it.

*If you got the hookup on that or you just want to send some naked pictures of yourself, be encouraged to email.

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