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Well, it’s better than Marmaduke

By / 05.27.10

So I was playing “Why You Flinchin’?” game with one of those dweebs from Pajiba the other day when, to distract me, he broke the new of a movie adaptation of Dilbert.  The Pajiba dweebs (Padweebas?  Wait no, forget I said that) are usually right, which is why I’m always making them do my homework.  They say it’ll be live action, and Ken Kwapis is set to direct. Coincidentally, Ken Kwapis is only one with a nerdier-sounding name than “Dilbert.”

When the idea was put out there in 2007, the few people who reported it suggested that a live-action Dilbert might compare unfavorably to Office Space or “The Office.” And, as if to make that an even more likely reality, Phoenix Entertainment has brought Ken Kwapis aboard to direct. Kwapis has directed multiple episodes of “The Office,” in addition to She’s Just Not That Into You, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and the execrable License to Wed. He’s also directing the upcoming Everyone Loves Whales with John Krasinski and Drew Barrymore. [Pajiba]

I love pointing out that a reviewer once called License to Wed less funny than failed Hitler assassins being hanged from meat hooks, but that’s probably unfair to Ken Kwapis, who also directed Dunston Checks In and The Beautician and the Beast.  So the downside on this one is that it’s very unlikely the film version of Dilbert would retain the subversive edge the comic strip sometimes does.  But on the plus side… maybe an orangutan?  I’m not gonna lie, that’s a pretty big upside.


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