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Hey Michelle Rodriguez, Why The Hell Do You Die In Every Movie?

By 07.23.10


Rodriguez on the set of her bio pic.

Oh GAWD, hide the good silverware and lock that deadbolt -it’s only been a day since we last mentioned Michelle Rodriguez and she’s already back to turn us all into her bitch. Yesterday, after wrapping up a panel discussion with some of the cast and crew from Battle: Los Angeles, handlers were able to corner Michelle and subdue her long enough to pick her brain on why practically every character she portrays always ends up getting the sh*t killed out of them. After much initial hissing and spitting, Rodriguez responded with:

Because I don’t take my clothes off, and I’m nobody’s girlfriend. The writers are new to the whole tough girl thing, and they don’t know what to do with [me]. We’ve got the dude who’s strong, so what do we do with the chick who’s strong? We kill her. Eventually they’ll get used to it, and maybe Salt will change a thing or two. [io9]

[click the link to watch a video of the interview. io9 isn’t sharing their embedded code with anyone. -Ed.]

Yeah, whatever you say Michelle. I mean, I would have argued that your characters always die probably because they’re next to impossible for any actual human beings to relate to, not to mention that every time you…*Michelle Rodriguez slaps Chodin across the mouth* Okay, okay! Down girl! I get it, never mind. I love you…

First released Battle: Los Angeles stills after the jump:

And as long as we’re mentioning more Battle: Los Angeles news, below we’ve got the first official stills that have just been released. I’m still aching in my loins for this to be cool, but let’s be honest: I live in Los Angeles, so I can’t help the home field allegiance. They could call this flick Gangbang: Los Angeles and I’d still cross my fingers and legs, hoping it would be really good. Actually, now that I think about it, I have seen Gangbang: Los Angeles and it is really good. Really, really good. Yay for my movie review!

Special thanks to Cinemablend for the pics.



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