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Mel Gibson vs. Christian Bale

By / 07.13.10

As soon as the Mel Gibson tapes surfaced, you knew there would be mash ups. Asylum collected a few, but this one of Christian Bale calling Mel Gibson on the phone was my favorite.  It’s an obvious idea, but it’s hard to go wrong with anything that involves “OOOOH, GOOOD FER YOOOOU.”  There’s nothing like a a psychopath in the throws of incandescent rage who still has the presence of mind to use mocking sarcasm.

Meanwhile, in actual movie news, it sounds like exactly what I was worried about when Mel’s rant hit the news is coming to pass.  The Beaver looked like an interesting movie, and now who knows when we’ll ever get to see it.  YOU’VE SCREWED ME AGAIN, SECRET COALITION OF JEW BANKERS!

Foster is currently putting the finishing touches on The Beaver, a dramedy she not only directed, but costars in with the embattled actor. Gibson plays a man who develops a friendship with a hand puppet. An insider tells me that Summit Entertainment, the studio releasing Beaver, is at a standstill. “They don’t know what they’re going to do,” the source said. “It’s sort of a wait-and-see until Mel makes his next move.” [via E!Online]

Really, a wait and see?  Please, tell us, how do you see this playing out, Summit?  He’s already insulted the Jews, the blacks, the Mexicans, Las Vegas, pigs, anyone with breast implants, and threatened to kill his pregnant girlfriend.  At this point, the guy could invent cold fusion and cure cancer, and every time he ordered a sandwich at Arby’s, it’d still be 50 – 50 there was spit in it.


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