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By / 08.30.10

I didn’t like The Pacific quite as much as Band of Brothers, but between the absent-minded tossing of pebbles into a corpse’s brain cavity and the characters saying “Jap” 600 times, there was more than enough to make it okay by me.  Well now it’s coming to the big screen, basically. AND IN 3D!

Co-executive producer Bruce C. McKenna scripted 7 of The Pacific‘s 10 installments and is nominated for an won an Emmy along with Robert Schenkkan for penning the final episode. Now, HBO’s sister company Warner Bros has made a preemptive buy of The Battle of Midway, a McKenna pitch for a 3D film about the June 4-6, 1942, turning point of the war. I’m told the studio bought the pitch late last week, and that it is being fast tracked, with McKenna expected to turn in a script in 8 weeks for a film that will likely carry a price tag around $200 million.

The Battle of Midway took place six months after the demoralizing surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. When it was over, the supremacy of the Imperial Japanese Navy was lost along with 4 of its aircraft carriers and 1 heavy cruiser. The Japanese never recovered. [Deadline]

This realistic 3D depiction of a naval battle sounds pretty good and all, but how will it compete with the Peter Berg version based on the Battleship board game?  Where’s the drama?  Where’s the aliens?  Where’s Rihanna?  Frankly, this seems a little dry.


I want more like this!

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