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Alison Brie is in a movie and I have pictures!

By / 09.22.10


Okay, I admit, there was a little sarcasm in that headline.  Community‘s sexy nerd, Annie, Alison Brie, is indeed in a movie, and there are pictures, but unfortunately she’s dressed neither provocatively nor tear-off-my-fuzzy-sweater wholesome.  (And note to all the men’s mags: stop doing Alison Brie pictorials where you put her in whorey makeup and stripper hair extensions — she looks waaaay hotter in her super-conservative Annie gear).

Anyway, the movie is an indie comedy called Montana Amazon: The Adventures of the Dunderheads (non-embeddable trailer here), and it co-stars Olympia Dukakis and Mr. “Walker Told Me I Had AIDS” himself, Haley Joel Osment. You probably won’t see it in theaters, because to be honest it sounds pretty crappy:

Ella (Alison Brie) is a pretty if scruffy eighteen year old wrapped up in a world of sexy fantasy that’s just a hair off kilter. This is a girl who travels with a pillowcase full of headless dolls, and imagines romance with each gas station attendant before the crazy trio drives off without paying. [MontanaAmazonFacebook]

A pillowcase full of doll heads? How wacky!  I don’t know what it is about bad indie comedies, but I swear every straight-to-DVD thing I get sent involves a character with a “rich fantasy life.”  I’ll tell indie movie writers the same thing I told my ex-girlfriend: your  dreams are stupid. They’re only interesting to you.  Plus, fiction is already kind of a dream world, so removing the consequences usually only makes it more boring.  Of course this is all moot if one of Alison Brie’s fantasies involves a long, incredibly thorough shower.  I wish these pictures were more interesting. In the meantime, you can always enjoy this Alison Brie gif, which is still pretty much the best thing ever.

Alison-Brie-Montana-Amazon Alison-Brie-Montana-Amazon2 Alison-Brie-Montana-Amazon3 Alison-Brie-Montana-Amazon4 Alison-Brie-Montana-Amazon5 Alison-Brie-Montana-Amazon6 Alison-Brie-Montana-Amazon7 Alison-Brie-Montana-Amazon9 Alison-Brie-Montana-Amazon11


I want more like this!

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