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Happy drug trafficking arrest anniversary, Bill Murray!

By / 09.21.10

(German ad for Meatballs, which, according to Google Translate, translates literally to “Baby Bacon and Fleischklosschen.”  Thanks, makes perfect sense now.)

As you no doubt already learned from your Microsoft Outlook alerts, today is Bill Murray’s 60th birthday (he’s a Virgo!).  What you may not know is that 40 years ago today, he was caught at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport carrying 20 grand worth of pot bricks (enough to build a very fine weed house).

Blow out the candles on Bill Murray’s pot cake, 1970 Chicago Tribune article:

William Murray, 20, of 1930 Elmwood Dr., Wilmette, was standing in line waiting to board a plane for Denver at O’Hare International Airport yesterday when he jokingly told another passenger that he was carrying two bombs in his luggage.  A ticket agent didn’t think it was funny and called United States marshals.  They searched his luggage in vain for the two bombs but did find five bricks of marijuana, weighing two pounds each and valued at $20,000.  Chicago vice detectives had been waiting at the airport to arrest Murray because they had received a tip.  He was charged with possession of marijuana and will appear in Narcotics Court today. [via TheSmokingGun]

“No, no, officer, you have it all wrong.  What I said was, ‘This weed I’m carrying is the BOMB.’ I have some bomb-ass weed in my suitcase, you see.”

I like how they say he got arrested because he was joking about bombs, and then as a throwaway aside at the end, “Oh, and at the time, the cops were already waiting to arrest him because someone narc’d him out.”  BOOSH.  Double arrested.  Anyway, Murray, who had been a pre-med student at Regis University in Denver, was sentenced to five years probation.  He also quit school, starting him on the downward path toward a life of crime and poverty that continues to this very day.

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