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Avatar Dog vs. Parkour Dog: Your Afternoon Match Up

By 10.21.10

So this Estonian lady in Texas dressed her pit bull, Sharky, up in a Na’vi costume from Avatar, and then she dressed up with him and made a video of it.  Sharky didn’t seem to like his Na’vi mask very much, but he was really cool about the family of baby chicks crawling on him.  …You guys?  Can I make a confession? I think TexasGirly1979 could be “the one.”  We could dress our dogs up in movie costumes and have a family of baby chicks — blue ones! Just like the Na’vi!  And it would be just the two of us, and we’d live off the fat of the land, with furry puppies and kitties and chicks in costumes to play with.  Oh please, tell me about the baby chicks again, Estonian lady!  Let’s touch queues and dream together!

I’ve got the video below.  Meanwhile, elsewhere in tangentially-movie-related, former Eastern Bloc dog news, Tret the Parkour dog from Ukraine is setting the world on fire.

Below: Is that a pit bull that can hurdle chain link fences and climb trees?  You better believe it, sister!  NO ONE IS SAFE FROM PARKOUR DOG.  Parkour dog might be the most extreme thing I’ve ever seen, and I’ve watched xXx.  I hear his owner feeds him nothing but Slim Jims and Monster Energy Drink, just to make sure he’s ALWAYS AMPED.  This dog is going to be a huge star.  Channing Tatum is already training to play him in an upcoming biopic.

[Avatar dog via Videogum, thanks to Chris for the Parkour Dog tip]


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