Frotcast 16: Lindy West, Wall Street, Johnny Knoxville

By: 10.14.10  •  32 Comments

On this week’s Frotcast, we talk to the incomparable Lindy West about Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, and in my audio from the Jackass 3D extended preview, I ask Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine if they’ve ever thought about just going balls out for their next stunt and injecting Bam with a syringe full of Hep C while he’s sleeping.  Subnote: it includes some important do’s and don’ts for aspiring journalists.  And of course, Danger Guerrero sent in a new Old Dirty Bastard clip to talk about.  Enjoy.

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Thanks to Jacktion!’s band, Mayors of Super Awesome Town for this week’s intro song.  Email us questions, suggestions, naked pictures, stock tips.

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