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By / 04.07.11

Oh you better believe they made another Johnny EnglishJohnny English Reborn opens this fall, and now the trailer is here for your viewing pleasure.  The plot is that Johnny English has a contract to do something, so he does it in a weird way while making funny faces that creep everyone out.  Even as someone who’s lived in America most of my life, there are many British things that I “get”: Ricky Gervais, gravy, sarcasm — and then there’s Mr. Bean.  As far as I’m concerned, the best thing Rowan Atkinson ever gave me was a commenter named “Mr. Bean with a Turkey on His Head.”

As far as I can tell, he’s like the British equivalent of Larry the Cable Guy, some strange Englishman minstrel show.  Which is to say, “you guys go ahead, I’m gonna sit this one out.” Final tally: Two groin shots, three face shots.  Seemed a little light, frankly.

[UPDATE: Okay, okay, I'll watch Black Adder.]


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